Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Where are we to find hope? Elie Wiesel in Columbia

Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel spoke in Columbia yesterday --- did anyone go? Have a report? I'll be interested in hearing about it!

Here's the story from The State.
Elie Wiesel pushed back a wisp of gray hair Tuesday night as he lamented the world’s worsening strife, then asked the central question of the evening, “Where are we to find hope?”

For Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor who has served as the world’s conscience, hope is still found in the “noble madness” of the individual who refuses to allow the persecution of others.

“You must feel responsible for your fellow man,” the Nobel laureate told a rapt Koger Center audience.
There's links on the page to his essay on fanaticism, and his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize. [He also condemned Pres. Ahmedinjad of Iran for denying the holocaust, called for the UN to declare him persona-non-grata and the expulsion of Iran from the UN for calling for the destruction of Israel. How un-PC of him!]

The overflow crowd that was accomodated in the Colonial Center was disappointed because technical issues cut the broadcast of his talk.

And here's a column by friend, former fellow-parishioner and columnist Chris Schweickert: My here of the 'Night'.

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