Friday, September 15, 2006

Visiting the Buckeye Catholics ...

Spent the day at the St. Thomas More Newman Center at OSU today, with what seems to be the standard routine now: talking with various CSPs about their call, their mission, etc. etc. Very informative and interesting. ... and wow, what a huge ministry! I was chatting on AIM with a friend and he said, "it sounds like a suburban megachurch." Well, it's not that big. But seems like a really vibrant place with lots going on.

It's gameday tomorrow, so campus will go nuts. That will be fun to watch ... and will bring back memories of all those tailgates at Williams-Brice down South ... :)

[And hey, y'all back in Columbia, isn't it time someone got the domain name gamecockcatholic? :)]

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Anonymous said...

Gashwin, is available for purchase. Need some good catholic to take advantage of this opportunity to evangalize.

Any takers?