Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A true witness to Christ ...

... the nun who was killed in Somalia, dies whispering "I forgive." I got chills reading that story.

When I think of my own angered fulminations at the response the Holy Father's talk in Regensburg got, the ire generated at segments of the media that seemed to suggest that the Pope was worse than those who kill and burn and maime and terrorize, and then think of this courageous sister, I feel so tiny and small.

Not because being Christ-like means being a doormat and letting people walk all over you -- the response to the Pope is despiccable, and we should support him, and defend him, and support the moderate voices in Islam -- but because it is, to me, a reminder of just how much anger there is in my own heart, and how much I need the Lord in my life, and how much I say that I ought to, but more often than not manage not to, pray for my enemies.

It is wise that in the liturgy (especially in the East), and indeed in life, we repeat to ourselves the refrain, "Lord have mercy."
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Anonymous said...

That is an amazing story. And it makes you think about that quote from St. Francis of Assisi "preach the gospel and if need be use words." As a Catholic Christian and after just hearing the reading from the Book of James, of being called in our faith not to use merely words, but to actually serve those that are in need. How is it that a religious person could place far more emphasis on the power of words than on action. Somehow, a vocal statement and quote from an individual who lived over 600 years ago can make someone justify taking the life of another human being. Somehow I don't think that those are equivalent in impact or deed. The initial action is not a logical reason for the reaction.