Monday, September 25, 2006

Spotted on a pavement ...

... at Trinity College in the U. Toronto area.


[Interestingly, and this has no real bearing on the above statement, two of the priests we spoke with (or rather, who spoke to us) didn't feel that Canada was that much more secularized than the US. I guess they've never been to the American South ... or Quebec, for that matter! Or maybe my own views are colored by my right-leaning views ... ?]

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assiniboine said...

That's kind of what my view has been vis-a-vis the neighbouring parts of the USA, which is obviously considerably more secular than the Deep South (and considerably less so than Quebec). On the other hand, there are curious disjunctions even between neighbouring provinces and states. The northern plains states, for example, are solidly Republican, and it would be difficult to find anything that far to the right in Canada; even in Alberta, the most politically conservative jurisdiction, when they toyed with the idea of introducing an Australian-style parallel private medical system it was shot down in flames as dangerously reactionary. Tories in Canada are Red Tories, and in Canada Liberal is red and Tory is blue. (Very confusing to the likes of us when watching US elections!)

The sign doesn't bode well for Michael Ignatieff's bid for the leadership of the federal Liberals, given that he is a graduate of Trinity College (and his father was the chancellor), not that campus graffiti artists are necessarily to be regarded as vox populi.