Friday, September 01, 2006

South Carolina kicks Georgia's A**

... at least according to Stephen Colbert. This is priceless!

Now, one can hope that this is also a prophetic prediction about next week's Game. Go git 'em Dawgs! [Many thanks to Dogwood for passin' this on]

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pritcher said...

Wikipedia says Colbert grew up on James Island. Do we know which parrish he went to? I've got half a mind to make a pilgrimage or something.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Gashwin sez: Go git 'em Dawgs!

A-hem: "Dawgs" sounds a lot like the GA bulldogs...are we sure we're supporting the right team? ;-p

never sure whether to use dawgs, peeps, homies or compatriots.

Gashwin said...

@ St. Lizzy: I think we're a little ambiguous with our slang here. I meant, "Go get them dogs," as in get them -- destroy them, rout them, whateva ... hence "Go git 'em dawgs." :-)

@ Pritcher: There's only one parish on James Island, Holy Spirt ... I've no idea how old it is (don't have handy access to the Diocesan directory any more :-( ... ). A pilgrimage or something sounds just right :)

Gashwin said...

Whoops ... Holy Spirit is on Johns Island. James I? Hmm ... maybe Nativity on Folly Rd.? I have no idea what's the closest ...

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Holy Spirit Catholic Church is on John's Island, just southwest of where Bohicket Road (aka Betsy Kerrison Parkway) meets the new River Road extension that heads to the Island Airport. It has just moved in the past 2 years from the previous location, which was across the street from John's Island Presyterian Church (burial place of a couple of my family.)

If Colbert lived on James Island, Holy Spirit would have been quite a haul. My money is on Nativity, (seen from space) (mist is a nice touch...)

Liz, who
(1) passed both HS Church locations twice today on the way to & from Seabrook, and
(2) wonders why her winkie faces always get overlooked, and knows what "dawgs" means.

Mattheus Mei said...

*Achem* are you sure you don't want to edit this entry from saying " Go get'em Dawgs " to something more appropriate and southern correct like " Go get dem Dawgs "

Gashwin said...

@Mattheus: It's kind of a riff on Larry the Cable Guy's "Git 'er done!" :- ) ... ergo ... "Git 'em dawgs"

Elenion said...

For the record... "go get 'em Dawgs" is a common phrase used by Georgia fans ;)

The video's great, though