Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rowdy Gamecocks?

... while my novice brothers have been getting used to Gashwin the Gamecock, I think things were a tad rowdier at the GA game this past weekend ... "New ticketing system causes aggression and long wait for students." (Peter, how long did you have to wait to get your ticket?)


Peter said...

don't worry... i chilled with derek, lindsey and guy for only 3 hours to get tickets... for what... to find out i could have gotten in without one???? oh well... such is life... Frank still got in using an extra ticket of ours... and he is not a student

Anonymous said...

I like how the gamecock claimed the gates were unlocked and opened. My brother was outside when the gates were "opened" He claims that the unlocking device was the students trying to get in the stadium and rushing the gate that was chained shut. BTW: That was my last game for a long while. There is talk amongst our group for the tenn game, but I doubt I will go into the stadium for that game.