Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ridiculously long drives ...

... as Jennifer mentions in the comments below, it ought to be grounds for canonization. The miracle can be that we haven't killed each other yet. Nah, just kidding ... all of us think we're getting along pretty darn well. [What our Novice Master thinks, we don't know! :)]

Boy, I'm exhausted. We left Toronto at 7:00 am and pulled up to Park St. in Boston at a little after 6:00 pm. About 45 minutes spent at Niagara Falls (the weather was fantastic), and a couple of short pit stops along the thruway after that. New York is a big state! Spent the evening chilling with the novice bros (well, I guess one of the goals of this trip was to get us to gel, and it's working!), shootin' the breeze over bottles of Samuel Adams in these absurdly comfortable reclining chairs in the common room. [Strangely enough, my first thought was, "dagnbait, I need to be able to afford to fly Business class to India!" Obviously, I'm in the wrong line of business ... :-)]

More photos (of the Falls and the Boston chapel) later. Now to catch up on the zzzs.


Jennifer said...

My friend, all you need now is a miracle and you're in! If your ordination is in NOVA, maybe I can attend and catch hold of a future holy relic for my children.

Seriously, when all your family is 700 miles away, you get acqainted with painfully long car trips pretty quickly. I'm looking forward to the day when my daughters can drive and I can sleep in the back.

Gashwin said...

Oh lord, let me get through the Novitiate year first. No talk of relics please! :-D

If I end up being ordained in the Missionary Society of St. Paul, it would be at the mother church in New York City! It's not that far from NoVa ... :)

My immediate family is 10000 miles away ... so there's absolutely no question of driving! Ha! :)

Jennifer said...

Now there's an idea. I've never been to NYC and have always wanted to go. What a wonderful reason to go! This man, whom I've never met in person, is getting ordained a priest. Let's go!

Will any of your family be able to visit the states for your ordination? If not, and I'm able to come, you can tell everyone I'm your long lost cousin. I'm very scandanavian (Dutch mostly). No one will be able to tell the difference. :)

Assuming all goes well, how many years are you in "training" before the big day?

I'm praying for you! I read your blog very often. Even when I don't comment, I'm reading. It's a very educational place for me. I loved reading about your trip to India. All that I "know" of India is Ballywood. Beautiful cinema, music, costumes and glorious colors, but not an accurate experience of India itself.

Gashwin said...

Hehe ... I have no idea how ordination invitations work but if there are no restrictions, sure come on up! :) But we're talking a long time away ... five years or so ...

My family? I certainly hope they can come from India. And I know there will be a contingent from South Carolina as well.

But it's a long ways off. Long.