Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Retreat

Well the retreat is over ... there's Mass in the morning before we head back down to DC. I'm very glad I avoided email/blogging/cell ... it's been a very fruitful time in prayer and quiet (and some time with my novice brothers), with some much needed consolation of the Spirit. I think I'm finally over the deep homesickness. (Of course I still miss all y'all!) Exploring this gorgeous place was also a huge plus.

Here's some more photos.
A grotto up near one of the lakeside trails with this statue of Our Lady.




And, the question of the year: Where are my feet pointing? Posted by Picasa


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

I give...Mecca? Williams-Brice Stadium?

Gashwin said...

Mecca? Puh lease ... they're heading to Williams Brice! :-D

pritcher said...

Isn't posting pictures of his own feet Jimmy Akin's blog trademark?

Anonymous said...


Dude! Their pointing directly at the pond.

Can you not see for yourself in your own photo. (Grin)

BTW...did you use a compass to determine the proper direction south (and take into account for magnetic north)?



Gashwin said...

Dogwood: I was on retreat! Not on a geological field trip! :) I did look up an approach plate for EWR to see how the planes were routed in though ... :-D

Pritcher: I have no idea! I don't read Mr. Akin's blog as often as you do! This was my idea, dagnabit! :)