Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Maybe this explains it?

Google's been sending a huge amount of traffic this way (increasing over the past week), of people searching for "Kevin Bacon" and "Columbia" or "SC." I think all they got was my meager little post here. Here's a story in today's Gamecock about the ongoing filming of "Death Sentence." Seems like it's the story back home. Lights Camera Action. (Free registration required)
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Georgette said...

Hey Gashwin! How can you tell exactly what people are googling for that brings them to your blog? My hitcounter tells me the number of hits that surf in from google but not any more detail than that. I think it would be cool to know what brings them in!

Gashwin said...

Hey Georgette: I use Sitemeter as my principal blog tracker. It gives IP addresses, location, time, referring URL if any, and lots of other information on each person who surfs to the blog URL, (including which browser was used, set to what resolution!) ... and it's FREE! Try it out!