Saturday, September 23, 2006

Mass ... and a Tornado?

The 5:00 pm Saturday evening Mass just got out ... they introduced us novices and we stood outside greeting people afterwards. Boy, did that bring back some memories! :)

And now, it seems there's a Tornado watch for the county ... small tornadoes sighted, one just touched down in a place called Caledonia. Lots of rain and lightning outside.

This brings back memories of being stuck in Colby, KS in a gas station off I-70 with golf-ball sized hail coming down outside. Luckily the Suburban was under the gas station canopy. The gas station attendant was on the phone locating her kids. "This happens here all the time right?" "Yeah," she goes. "I'm still scared." So, I sent postcards to people. Now, I'm blogging. Guess that's progress.

That was back in 1996 ... so I also guess I'm on a one tornado a decade count. I'm ok with that.

And I guess this puts a damper on the Notre Dame - Michigan St. game in Lansing. Kick off is at 7:00 pm Eastern.
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Anonymous said...


I was in Indy a few years back during a similar storm. Waiting in the hotel lobby for a friend, everyone was watching the weather report on the TV. At that time, reports indicated two twisters located a mile or two from our hotel. Sirens outside in the area began to blare. Then a lighting bolt stuck the building causing a blackout.

At that moment, dozens of people in the lobby sprinted to the underground parking garage. Ignorant of this typical reaction to a twister, I stood dazed and realized I needed to follow the crowd. Talk about a mad dash down the stairwell.

It was 30 minutes later until the group decided to head back up when the power returned and the “all-clear” was given.

If the locals take it seriously, the visitors need to do the same.

Safe travels and avoid those storms!



Jennifer said...

I grew up just 6 miles from Caledonia. I lived in GR for 24 years. Not a single tornado hit down during those years. I've been in VA for 10 years. In that time, GR has been hit by two tornados.