Friday, September 29, 2006

Lake George NY

The Paulists have a gorgeous house (well it's three buildings really) out at Lake George, some 50 miles north of Albany. Man, this place is beautiful! We're here for a brief visit, with a few talks being given by a visiting Sister of Charity. This is the last leg of the Grand Tour.

This house is the one that was built by the original Paulists. One of the rooms has a sign indicating that Fr. Isaac Hecker spent time there! Wow! The buildings are old, really neat with lots of character. And no heating. [Except for a fantastic fireplace in the common room]. Upstate NY in the early Fall is chilly. Brr.

The wirless modem is sucky as well. In fact, my laptop can only get a signal in the room with the router itself! Which happens to be the sacristy of the old house chapel (they built a new one at some point adjoining this building)! So I'm sitting on a chair in this old room with the obligatory old cards with the important parts of the Mass in Latin (I guess so the priest didn't ever forget? Or were they used as cheatsheets), with two little chapels to my left and right, with these quaint old wooden high altars. Ha!

We're going to have lots of down time to wander around so expect photos! Here's a couple.

The view from my window.

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Jack Bennett said...

I absolutiely love Lake George. My family went up there for a week-long vacation many, many years ago and I still have fond memories of the place.