Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kevin Bacon spotted in Columbia ...

... a friend IMed the other day to let me know that he's actually part of the crew that's filming Kevin Bacon's new film in SC (or, to be more precise, the new movie starring Mr. Bacon) ... and another called to say that not only had he seen him out at the Art Bar, a friend of his had gotten a photo with him as well. "You're only two degrees of separation away from Kevin Bacon."

Well, who'da thunk? And then this arrives in the inbox today, from Dogwood (sorry, no time to Google and add links ... well, except to mention this snippet from The State)
This came from today’s on-line edition of The Hollywood Reporter:

Tyler investigates Fox 'Death'

Aisha Tyler will star opposite Kevin Bacon in "Death Sentence" for 20th Century Fox and Hyde Park Entertainment. James Wan is directing the Baldwin Entertainment vigilante drama. The story centers on a father (Bacon) out for revenge after his family is attacked in a heinous gang-initiation crime. The father acts on his own sense of justice by going after each person involved in the crime. Tyler plays a homicide detective who aids Bacon's character despite her growing suspicions that he might have committed murder. Ian Jeffers adapted the screenplay from Brian Garfield's novel, in which Tyler's character is written as a 50-year-old man. The role was revised by the filmmakers during casting. (Sheigh Crabtree)
What was the last major Hollywood movie to be shot in SC? Patriot? It did pretty well, didn't it? :)

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Anonymous said...


Last big movies in South Carolina

The Notebook (A love story)


Radio (True Story about a man in Anderson, South Carolina)

How is that for blockbusters? Hummmmmm.....Not enough. Well how about future films?

The next film to come to SC?

Who’s Your Caddy? - a new motion picture from Ascendant Pictures, will film on location in Aiken and Horry counties.

Army Wives - a pilot by Touchstone Television for a proposed television series in Charleston. Charleston is under consideration as the permanent location for the series if it is picked up by the Lifetime Network.

Patriotville - a feature film from Two Roads Entertainment, began pre-production in the Rock Hill area in late July, and will film through September.

Asylum - a horror movie to be filmed in York County.

Plus more likely to arrive to SC. Guess you may have to send your friend out for the major star search.......