Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Harvard Square and the Out of Town News

Well, I didn't actually go to Harvard, but was in the vicinity, since we had the afternoon off, and it's just a brief ride from Park St. on the T. This part of Cambridge is quite familiar: two very good childhood friends (known to all their friends as The Twins) lived here for years. In fact, when I first arrived in the States as an adult (gosh, over twelve years ago!), I flew into Boston and stayed with these friends. And I'd barely gotten off the plane when The Twins and parents whisked me off on a drive to Salem.

Today, I had lunch with a good friend from SC who now lives in Cambrdige, and friend (and blogger. Maybe ex-blogger? He said he's not missing it. :-( ) Mark Mossa. Mark gave me a tour of Weston Jesuit afterwards. Afterwards, I hung out with another good friend (a theology student at BC, who lives off Harvard Sq.), which turned out to be a great conversation and dialogue, a portion of which touched on the subject of, just what does it mean to be in communion when there seems to be such polarization in the church. [His dissertation is in this area!]

Just finished Vespers ... now, thanks to some generous parishioners, the novices have tickets to a Red Sox game! :)

[That's the spire of Park St. Congregationalist church, rising up at the intersection of Park and Tremont, which is one end of the Common.]

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Re. photos of Hah-vahd:

Where is the photo of the yahd where the cahs ah pahked for a quahtah?