Monday, September 11, 2006

The Great Road Trip 2006

Today is day 1 of a three+ week road trip, the purpose of which is to visit as many parishes and foundations of the Society, and meet as many priests, as possible.

We drove up from DC to the Retreat House in NJ today, where we'll be staying and will go into New York City tomorrow and the day after for meetings.

Here's the schedule:
Sept. 11-14: New York, NY
Sept. 14-17: Columbus, OH
Sept. 17-21: Chicago, IL
Sept. 21-24: Grand Rapids, MI
Sept. 24-26: Toronto, ON
Sept. 26-29: Boston, MA
Sept. 29-Oct. 2: Lake George, NY (lake house for some downtime)
Five novices who've just met one another, thrown into a van and sent on a trip across the northeast and midwest. Sounds like Reality TV to me! (But, not to worry! There won't be live cameras bringing our reactions to X's driving abilities or Y's eating habits or Z's excessive piety, into your living rooms. Thank God for small mercies).

Say a prayer for safe travels y'all!


assiniboine said...

Which parishes in TO are Paulist?

Gashwin said...

St. Peter's in downtown TO. And there's a Catholic Information Center too ... Here's the website for the Paulist Fathers in Canada (a little grandiose, given that they're down to one city from an initialy three -- Montreal and Vancouver have been reliquished a while back).