Saturday, September 16, 2006

Game Day in Columbus

We're in Buckeye country ... isn't the Shoe the 4th largest stadium in the country? And all 105,000 fans (and more) seemed to be heading that way to see the Buckeyes cream Cincinnati ... This was taken as we were in a traffic slowdown on OH-315. All the red could be blinding ...


Spent the morning with Fr. Dave O'Brien, a senior CSP, listening to his stories. He actually attended the Second Vatican Council! Wow! That was most fascinating to hear!

The rest of the day we had to ourselves. A good friend, Greg P, a recent alumnus of USC, now teaching at U. Akron, came down and spent the day with me: great seeing you again buddy! I (along with Jamie on the phone) convinced him to go on to Dayton to a party he'd been invited to. Dude, listen to your seminarian friend, and party up! :)

Turns out our motel is literally just across the road from the Pontifical College Josephinum (where my former ordinary, and several seminarians of my home Diocese are studying). Greg and I wandered around campus a bit, but it seemed dead. The main entrance was locked and I didn't feel like ringing the doorbell. Even called one of the seminarians I knew, but didn't get through. Oh well.


We had dinner at a sports bar with enough screens to give you ADD, and saw the Irish lose to Michigan :-( before heading to OSU for the 8pm Saturday evening liturgy (where the Buckeyes were still partying!).

I'm sure my novice brothers think I'm quite obnoxious, since on gameday, I'm glued to the phone. The USC-Wofford game wasn't televised anywhere, and thanks to all y'all dedicated folks (Jamie! Guy! Peter! [especially Peter!]) it felt as if I was there. Peter even called to let me hear Padre say the opening prayer at the stadium ("joyous miracle?!" Geez Fr. T ... you almost had the prayer for your alma mater answered!). At one point, just before I was going into Mass I was on the phone, "I'm turning it on silent, but keep the text messages coming in." Fr. L stepped out of his office, "You are not planning on reading text messages during Mass, are you?" Whoops! Busted! :-) (And no, I didn't read them during Mass. Y'all know me! I wouldn't do that!) And we did not just let Wofford almost tie us in the last few minutes of the game! We did not let them score more points against us than did Georgia! What a pyrrhic victory ... ugh! What a sucky season!

Ok back to watching the FL-TN game ...tomorrow, on to the Windy City!  Posted by Picasa


Steve Bogner said...

One of my great-uncles went to seminary at Josephinum!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you were in Columbus yesterday for gameday! I was actually at gameday and live here now. You should stop by if you are going to be in town again just let me know. -Lindsey-

Gashwin said...

Holy crud, that's Lindsey C!!! It took me a while to figure out which Lindsey it was ... I had no idea you were in Columbus ... darn! However if I end up there (say for my Lenten apostoloate), I'll be sure to let you know!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan. I'm glad you enjoy your short stay in our fair city and I hope you enjoy Chicago!
-Lindsey C-