Monday, September 11, 2006

The Five Things Meme ...

Oh dear ... I just noticed that Maggie tagged me with the Five Things Meme. The last time I was tagged I just forgot about it! Malus bloggerus, nullum crustulum!

Despite my needing to go to bed (and write thank you cards ... well reverse that order) and waking up at a crazily early hour to commute to the City, I'll bite .. it will be interesting given that Life Has Changed just recently for me. Without further ado ...

Five things in my freezer
I don't own a freezer anymore.

Five things in my closet
SKELETONS! [Hehe ... j/k]
Let's see --- um.
(It's a tiny closet)

Five Things in my car
Oh lord -- my Buick is still down in SC being on loan to a dear friend. What is in it? I shudder to think what Matt's left in it. When I had it, it had

A Diocesan directory
Old bottles of coke
A variety of tapes and CDs
A CD case
Papers --- all kinds. Always.

Five Interesting things in my backpack
My passport
A wad of rupee notes
Peter's DVD (it's still sitting there!)
An iPod dock connector cable
My Breviary
Ethernet cable

Until very recently: a packet of salami which I got on a flight over to Rome in March. It was the beginning of Lent and I'd given up meat for the season. When snacks came around, I suddenly realized I hadn't requested a vegetarian meal ... luckily they found a veg. dinner for me, but I kept the salami packet in my backpack for some bizarre reason (Jamie, you remember this?) It showed up months later and ended up in the trash. Ha!

I tag:
St. Elizabeth of Cayce!


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pritcher said...

Just last week I ate the pack of salami I'd gotten on a flight to San Antonio, during Lent, when I'd given up meat.

I realize that flying and giving up meat for Lent aren't rare, but still...

Jamie said...

I'm sad to know that the salami is were so determined to eat that when you were allowed again!
I once saved a packet of cheese from a flight to Paris. I think I had it for years until I finally decided that enough was enough...or maybe my mom threw it out. Either way, I now miss that cheese.

Anonymous said...

which DVD do you still have? I don't remember. ~Peter

Anonymous said...


If you wish to include items in a garage, feel free to add some items from my place (including a garage!)



Anonymous said...


Not only I'm redundant in the last message, but I also repeated myself.


Gashwin said...

@Dogwood: you, tautological? Perish the thought! :-)

@Peter: I wasn't too clear. I meant the memories DVD you made for me. I took it out of my laptop and put it in my backpack.

@Pritcher, Jamie: guess I'm not the only nutty one! :)

Georgette said...

Those are great, Gashwin! I bet the salami would still be good-- they put so many preservatives in that stuff!

I just put mine up here:

That was fun! Thanks!

God bless,

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

No salami stories, but I manage to include shrimp, rosaries, NPR and President Clinton in my Five Things lists.