Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Commuting to the City

I cannot understand how people do this every day! The retreat house is some 40 miles from the City ... it took us 2h30m to drive in this morning, 30 of which were spent going underneath the Hudson in the Lincoln Tunnel ... the return journey took an hour.

The day was long but very fruitful, the highlight (apart from meeting some fantastic and dedicated priests) was a very informative tour of the historic Mother Church at 59th and Columbus. I have tons of photos from there, and a photo essay will appear on here at some point. (My novice brothers are already going on about Gashwin the Shutterbug :-) At one point I'd stepped up to examine one the few places where the outside walls of the church were exposed ... they're ordinarily hidden by the adjacent buildings. "What, you want to photograph the wall?" ... actually, I wanted to see what kind of granite it was. Oy, I'll never live that down! :-))

After dinner I took the train to Queens to visit R. while the guys went to a movie.

Oh, and we got the results of our psych evaluations. Apparently, I'm sane.

The Empire State building from within traffic.

Driving through the Lincoln Tunnel.


Entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.


A view of Lower Manhattan from across the Hudson. I still can't get over what's missing there ...

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assiniboine said...

Nice to know one is sane; one is never entirely safe from adverse inferences: