Thursday, September 21, 2006


One of the priests at the parish gave us a walking tour of the South Side, Lakefront and up to the Chicago River (all within the parish boundaries) yesterday. He was also a font of knowledge about the history of the city ... Here are some photos.

Potbelly's, the cool deli on Wabash we had lunch at.

Construction is everywhere -- new condos going up all around! The neighborhood has changed rapidly, becoming more gentrified. It's one of the reasons the parish relocated and opened just south of the Loop in 2002. One of the cool things this priest does is condo visits, trying to get parishioners from the same condo to connect with each other and form community outside Mass. There's also Columbia College Chicago (ever heard of it? I hadn't!) right in the middle of the parish boundaries -- a school with 15,000 students and no campus ministry. So yes, they're starting work there as well.


Patterns of construction and destruction. Posted by Picasa

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