Saturday, September 30, 2006


Well folks, today is the first anniversary of this blog! My first modest post was on September 30, 2005. [Seems fitting that I started blogging on the Feast of St. Jerome!]

This will be the 1143rd post. As of this posting, the blog has had 23,370 unique visits (not visitors!), and 41,296 pageviews. As blogs go, that's peanuts. The blog is also a Slimy Mollusc in the TTLB Ecosystem. So, we're slowly heading up the evolutionary chain.

But, it's not all about the numbers. I must say that I've thoroughly enjoyed blogging: it's provided a unique medium for me to blab on, (occasionally) to share my writing, a small but loyal (and greatly appreciated) readership, a way in which to stay in touch with friends, to share my travels, and my thoughts on anything. But especially: things Catholic, things Indian, and things various. :)

I also want to mention some fantastic folks who I'd never have come across (and I still have to meet. Some day, God willing), had it not been for this blog: Georgette, Maggie, Susan, Jason, Jennifer.

And here's to all of those great friends who're also in the blogosphere (see the "Name Dropping" section on the left sidebar.)

The past year has been one of great transition at so many levels ... and this has been a wonderful way to help keep afloat through all of that.

So, all you loyal friends and readers, many many thanks!

[And to all those who've come here via Google. Looking for Kevin Bacon, or Jaroslav Pelikan or Francis Kline, or secret cameras of couples caught in the act in Manori and other unmentionables(!) ... hope you liked what you got! :)]
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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Happy traveling blogaversary! 1143 posts in a year?!? Meeting the great Amy, in ROME?

You've had quite a year, both spiffy and crappy. Thanks for taking the time to share so much of it with those of us not quite up to slimy mollusc level. ;-)


St. Izzy said...

Happy blogaversary. In celebration, feel free to slow down the output. I canʻt keep up as it is.


Gashwin said...

Thanks y'all!

St. Izzy: that's an average of just 3.13 posts a day ... sorry, I'm not slowing down! :)

Dogwood Dell said...

Happy blogaversary!

Should I send you an e-card with a digital cake?

The year has had a lot of ups and downs. Any year that doesn't hold any moments that made you laugh and cry was not worth living. Needless to say, most years are like that.

Thanks for sharing!



Jennifer said...


I love your blog. It's always educational and fun to read. I will never forget how lucky it was to find you simply by clicking "Next Blog." It's wonderful.

As far as Kevin Bacon is concerned, I've met Tom Browkaw in person. I've also been less than 5 feet away from Anthony Hopkins at the Virginia Film Festival. I hope that helps. :)