Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Apostle of Doubt

From today's Catechesis by the Pope:
Benedict XVI, citing the example of the Apostle Thomas, recommended that believers in times of uncertainty have the courage to tell God they don't understand him and need his help.

"In this way, with such frankness, which is the authentic way to pray, to converse with Jesus, we express the littleness of our capacity to understand, but at the same time we assume the attitude of trust of one who expects light and strength from the one able to give them," the Pope said.
Add this to the long list of wisdom from this Pope's mouth (and heart and head).
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assiniboine said...

Speaking of St Thomas...a fascinating alternative account of the Malayali Christians (but not one to share with any Malayali Christians you might know: it annoys them no end):

george said...

it seems unknown to the world that christianity was not brought by europeans but the apostle saint thomas