Friday, September 15, 2006

And where's the outrage over this?

A 70 year old German Catholic priest was stabbed by a Turkish Muslim [link to story in German] a few days back (on 9/11 to be precise). [Via The Shrine of the Holy Whapping] [Here's the story in English.]

And some more thoughts from the folks at Whapping.

Definitely read Fr. Samir Khalil Samir SJs (a Lebanese priest based in Cairo) piece in Asia News.
An English translation of the speech, which was in German, was released yesterday, a French version is not yet ready, and no translation has been made in any Eastern language. Therefore, all the attacks so far are based on a few quotes and excerpts liberally taken by Western news agencies on what the Pope said about Islam, which was only ten per cent of his speech. But this ten per cent must be understood against the whole thing.
Let me guess, AP/AFP are going to line up and apologize for completely distorting the Pope's message from Regensburg, and violating all the canons of honest journalism, aren't they? I'm not holding my breath.

And there's the crazy media again (you know, after that astounding headline about the Pope "slamming Islam" ... go read Kathy Shaidle's take on it. How dare the Pope "cling to theology and orthodoxy" asks anonymous journalist.

I'm on limited time, and much as I'd like to, I can't read all the stuff that the Catholic blogosphere is generating on this. So, as always, just head over to Amy's.

I'm beyond disgusted by this.
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