Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Winnebago Adventures at the Beach

Some friends and I rode down Monday afternoon to Myrtle Beach in Sean R's awesome Winnebago RV, affectionately nicknamed "Slim" and camped overnight at the State Park. These are some of the photos from the cloud-filled sky at sunrise. The sky was just spectacular!

[Here's photos from a night trip to Folly to catch the sunrise back in April. Gosh, seems like it was yesterday!]


It was truly a memorable visit. I'm not generally a fan of the commercialized strip at Myrtle Beach, but the State Park is awesome. On the beach itself, one can see the neon lights start on either side at the edge of the park. That stretch of beach itself, however, seemed quite calm and pristine.

[One of many favorite quotes from the trip: While I was driving Slim on the way back, a car cut me off from the right. I let off a stream of expletives in Hindi, and then, upon spotting the New Jersey plates, quite instinctively added, "D--n Yankees!" to much general hilarity. "Yup G, you're Southern!"] Posted by Picasa
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Love the comment about Yankees. I say it all the time while on I-95. Usually I have my navigator next to me, who by chance is a Yankee.

As expected, I receive a slight physical blow in the arm and a retort expressing disappointment (to put it lightly).

How do you as "D- Yankee" in Hindi?