Friday, August 11, 2006

Will I be able to carry my iPod on the plane?

... TSA says yes. The security measures announced by India's DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) say yes. But this Rediff story exemplifies Indian reporting: highly ambiguous and contradictory. Guess I'll just get Continental on the horn next week closer to departure and see what develops.

One thing is for sure: dry contacts after 16 hours in the air. Or, I just wear the glasses, and look like an earnest Bengali schoolboy.

Oh yeah -- and I'm flying to Delhi on the eve of I-Day, after the US Embassy advises US citizens of a possible terrorist attack in Bombay and Delhi in the days leading up to I-Day. Great. And what the heck did the Home Secretary mean by this?
However, the Indian government has dismissed the US warning, labelling it as an innocuous advisory meant only for its own citizens.
That terrorists blowing people up is only an issue for US citizens, and Indians will somehow be spared? These people are unbelievable.

::UPDATE:: Pack your patience. TSA's bureaucratese would make any Indian babu proud, as this Slate piece shows. Scroll down to the document which has the yellow-highlighted text. (The mouseover works only in IE. In Firefox the window only gives the first sentence or so of the mouseover text.)

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

I'd like to know when insulin became a non-prescription medicine. What about other "non-prescription meds?" Can I carry on my bottles of Imodium & Pepto? (answer better be "Yes"...)

Avoid the headache and wear the glasses. You'll feel better after the long nap.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Update from the TSA

Please note: No gel insoles. So much for relaxing...

Gashwin said...

Yeah I read that on the forums at Luckily my flat feet don't bother me ... :) Now if they take away my inflatable travel cushion then I'm taking the ship back... see y'all in a few months! :)