Friday, August 11, 2006

Well full of aborted female fetuses ...

Found behind a clinic in Punjab.
A day after the shocking discovery of a well filled with female foetuses at Sahib Hospital in Patran, the district health authorities have decided to investigate another well in the front yard of the hospital which had been covered recently. The midwife who blew the whistle on the goings-on in the hospital has alleged that over 100 foetuses lie buried there.
The Indian media is reacting with repugnant shock and horror at this story, as rightly they should.

But why? I thought access to abortion was a right? A sign of progress and improved health? So it wouldn't have been so bad had there been boys as well as girls killed in this gruesome manner?

Here's the Asianews story, with the reaction from the Catholic Bishops.
“The Church, especially in rural areas, has always focused on the education of girls of every caste and creed. We cannot allow this evil to have the last word. The Church through her witnesses and mission must strive even harder to foster and create a more just world especially for women.”
But ... I thought, a more just world for women meant the right to kill children in the womb?

How schizophrenic can we get?

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