Sunday, August 27, 2006

Victimae cantorum

[Set to the melody of the Victimae Paschali. Text. Melody. The cupcake reference is to the location of the fantastic Chant workshop back in February.] Dear friend and fellow blogger St. Elizabeth of Cayce composed this chant which was shared at the parish roast on Friday. [I was the one being roasted. Figuratively. :-)]
1. Gashwin Gomes loves all things ancient
Liturgy, incense and oils

2. One day he said: “Let’s suppose
We sing songs nobody knows?”
That’s why we had chant for Lent and Easter.

3. Punctum, clivis, podatus,
Apostropha, porrectus,
Basic and Liquescent, Neumes in Latin.

4. It’s really no use, Padre,
G. would not be dissuaded.
The older Cath’lics chanted away
Recalling Latin they learned back in the day.

5. We traveled to a cupcake
In rainy Alabama;
We learned to sing the Agnus Dei
The glorious settings of Pope Gregory.

6. Since G. learned chant in India
It’s held a special place,
Just like the one he holds
In all of our hearts.

7. Oh-oh-oh meh-ehn. We’re gon-na miss you here.
St. Lizzy: thanks!

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