Thursday, August 10, 2006

U-W Madison: Knights of Columbus cannot be recognized

UW-Madison defends move not to recognize Knights of Columbus. And there's still people who think PC is about liberty and tolerance. [Via Bill Cork] Let's see ... if there is a Muslim group on campus that limits officers to being Muslim, or a Jewish group, or a Hindu group ... would that be ok? I mean how stupid is this? It's a religious group? It is against University policy to have students group together by religion? Maybe the Knights should go and run for office in the Wiccan group ...

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Love the headline! My 1st response (thanks to decades of being Mrs. Izzy) was to say "Of course they can be recognized. They're the guys in the purple feathered hats with swords. Sheesh!"

Quote: "The group also does not comply with a school rule requiring all student organizations to be controlled by students, he said."

Does anyone truly think that all student organizations are [totally] controlled by students, either? Young Republicans, Wiccans for Sweat Equity, Luddites for Smallpox -- any of these are going to have outside influences and direction.

Silly rule.

Gashwin said...

Ya. It's silly. And worse. It's part of that creeping secularist intolerance. Intolerance of anything that is of a different view than itself (hence "hate speech" laws in Canada and so on). Which, then, means it's tyrannical.