Thursday, August 31, 2006

There *is* cable here!

Whoops -- should read things more carefully. There's no cable in our rooms. There is satellite cable in the common rooms ... and there's like four of them. I've already checked with my brother novices ... so, it looks like I'll be watching the opening game of the season!! South Carolina vs. Mississippi State!!! WOO HOO!!! GO COCKS!!!!
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Anonymous said...


Worth staying up for. :)

So the STAT Dept folks are contemplating purchasing the domain name:


Leading scorer in the SEC - at least for three days.

Gashwin said...

Hey, I'm all for that domain name!

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

No cable in the rooms? This novitiate year being all about learning to live and be in community?

Call me crazy, but I sense a conection there. ;-)

Gashwin said...

You got that right, St. Lizzy. Anway, I wasn't complaining about lack of cable in the rooms ... I hardly ever watch TV, as you know. Football. And BSG. :)