Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Six journeys to Rome ...

The Christian Century has a fascinating article on six prominent mainline Protestant theologians who have become Catholic recently (including one Mennonite). [Via Bill Cork]. Here's one descriptor that struck me: evangelical, catholic and orthodox. Hmm ... :)

Definitely worth a read. Of course, any such conversation has to include that indefatigable voice out of Duke, Stanley Hauerwas, and he is given his due. Another interesting thinker is quoted, Episcopal priest Ephraim Radner, who argues for the importance for remaining rather than leaving. [Radner's take on ecumenism is quite thought provoking: that Christian disunity is a kind of consequence of sin, in the same way as the exile was the consequence of Israel's sin, but more than that, that this is God's will,, that "God means to bring down the divided Church." Bruce Marshall has an informative review of Radner's book in First Things.]

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UltraCrepidarian said...

Wonderful. As a convert, I love to see this happen.