Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Quote for the day ...

Via the indefatigable Amy. She's talking about the truly remarkable St. Camillus de Lellis (who I'd never heard of! Go read all at Amy's). Seems quite appropriate for yours truly ... as I am exactly one week away from preparing to enter religious life. Well, as she says, it's true of all of us called to be saints.
Mercenary, gambler, hot-tempered and willful...saint. This is our mission as disciples of Jesus - to let God take us and mold us. To never fall into despair and believe that it is too late, we are too bad, our past is too weighty. God does not care. He can take any of us, mold us, shape us and strengthen us to serve. He is, after all...God.
Go read it all!
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angelmeg said...

One of my favorite statements is that Saints are just sinners who got back up after falling down.

God uses our weakness, we just have to be humble enough to offer it to him as the gift that we have to offer. He wants our all, not just our best.