Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A new Bishop to the north ...

... that's to the north of South Carolina. Bishop Burbidge, the youngest non-native diocesan Bishop, will be installed on Friday in Raleigh. And, like many of our younger clergy (and ordinaries), will be a change from his predecessor. Here's a profile from the News Observer (Tri-city).[Hat-tip to Whispers]

The tenor of the Bishops of the Atlanta province has certainly changed a lot over the past few years, starting with our own Bishop Baker (ordained 1999), then the ordination of Charlotte-native Peter Jugis to his own Diocese (2003), Wilton Gregory as the Archbishop (2005) and now Burbidge. Only Boland of Savannah remains from the "old guard" (Or so it seems. He was ordained in 1995, just four years before Baker, and has three and a half years more before the canonical retirement at 75.) It would seem that Jugis, Burbidge and Baker are cut from similar cloth (and are, as Bishops go, young!) when it comes to style and tenor. Boland and Gossman are more moderate. I don't know how I would peg the Archbishop. (Like these things really matter in the end, anyway.)

[Catholic Hierarchy, your one shop stop for information on the Mitred Ones, has this disclaimer right on top, in bold. "Bishop Manuel Aringarosa is a fictional (i.e., not real) character in the Da Vinci Code." Heh. Guess readers of DVC need another reminder that "fiction" is not the same as "truth." :)]

[And speaking of Bishops from our province, here's my memories of a retreat lead by the Bishop Emeritus of Charlotte.]

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