Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is Israel losing?

Instapundit links to a few website which suggest it might be. Along with a link to a post made six weeks prior to the start of hostilities suggesting it wouldn't be wise for Israel to attack Lebanon (they should go after Syria instead!).

And of course, there's this analysis of the future of Lebanese democracy, whenever hostilities do cease. The prognosis: not good.

[For some reason, I simply cannot access www.michaeltotten.com. It didn't let me last week and I thought it must be a temporary malfunction. It's never let me. So, I tried using a proxy site, and sure enough, it worked! Don't tell me the infamous Blogger Ban survives now as a Right Wing Website ban?]

And over at Boing Boing a somewhat poignant post, showing the cover of Time Out Beirut in the last issue before the bombing started. Beirut time capsule: Last magazine before war.

CNA has a story on the Maronite Catholic Archbishop of Tyr (Tyre) tending to his war-battered flock.

And I'm not sure why I feel I should mention it (I forgot to yesterday in the St. Ignatius and all things SJ post yesterday), but it seems the first real newspaper in the Middle East was started by the Jesuits in Beirut in the middle of the 19th Century. (An intersting little fact in Bernard Lewis' fantastic history of the Middle East which I've just started ... )

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