Monday, August 14, 2006

The Interview: Read it!

Amy links to the full transcript of the Pope's interview, over at Deutsche Welle. It's completely worth reading! There's so much in there ... but one particular thing that stood out was his comments on young people:
Then another message might be this: the courage to make definitive decisions! Young people are very generous but when they face the risk of a life-long commitment, be it marriage or a priestly vocation, they are afraid. The world is moving dramatically: nowadays I can continually do whatever I want with my life with all its unpredictable future events. By making a definitive decision am I myself not tying up my personal freedom and depriving myself of freedom of movement? Reawaken the courage to make definitive decisions: they are really the only ones that allow us to grow, to move ahead and to reach something great in life. They are the only decisions that do not destroy our freedom but offer to point us in the right direction. Risk making this leap, so to speak, towards the definitive and so embrace life fully.
Oh how true!
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pritcher said...

What a wonderful interview. He's just cool. Holy, smart, and cool.