Tuesday, August 01, 2006

God and the Girl revisited ...

I was totally entrahlled by the show ... now a CNS story follows up with the four guys who put their discernment process on display. Nope, not even Steve Horvath is continuing on to seminary.
The fourth, Steve Horvath of Virginia, who has been on a student missionary assignment in Lincoln, Neb., said he would apply to a seminary. Then he got stuck on the application.

"The last parts that I ended up not completing were ... 'What do you think a Catholic priest should be' and 'What is calling me to the Catholic priesthood?'" Horvath told Catholic News Service in a July 27 telephone interview from Fairfax, Va.. "I needed some more subjective and personal reasons (than what he had been writing). In taking that to prayer, I really didn't feel that calling."

Horvath instead will spend a third year as a lay missionary at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students.
Dagnabit! Just goes to show what a struggle discernment can be. Anyway, I'm certain the ministry at U. Neb will benefit tremendously.

Makes me wonder who the author of that anonymous comment on my post, really was? Hmm. [Hat tip to Amy.] [And yep, the show is out on DVD.]

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