Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Deal's done ...

... so the condo's being given on lease. My work in Pune is done and I'll be heading to Bombay tonight and to Baroda again tomorow. (After shelling out some dough, Continental condescended to find me a flight back to the US next week instead of this) That's assuming the trains are running -- the rains in Bombay, Pune and Gujarat have been ridiculous. The river in front of the condo was up to within 5 feet of boundary walls. Scary! A few thousand people around the city have been evacuated from low lying areas of the city. The newspaper put that as "60% better than last year." When one is talking about 1 billion+ people, a few thousand is peanuts, chillar as one puts it in Marathi. Loose change.

Two travelogue posts coming up that I'd typed out last night ... I guess "regular" blogging will resume when I'm back in Baroda (hopefully), tomorrow night.

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