Monday, August 14, 2006

Center for capital litigation shuts doors ...

This is really sad. Group that represented death row inmates shuts down.
The Center For Capital Litigation, a non-profit lawyers group that represented Death Row inmates in appeals for decades in South Carolina, has closed its doors because of a lack of money.

But the chairman of the board that oversees the organization said it may eventually reopen, perhaps with a new focus.

"We are sort of reassessing ourselves," said Dan Westbrook, a Columbia lawyer who chairs the center's board.

"We've got some ideas floating around on the board about what our future should be but no definite decision right now, and it will probably be a while before we make a decision as to what to do. We would like to become operational again at some time in the future."
Gosh I certainly hope so! The scene in "fry those suckers!" South Carolina is quite dismal as it is.

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