Friday, August 18, 2006

Back in the Great Palmetto State ...

... and gosh, amazing what wonders a shower can do! I'm not as exhausted as I thought I'd be -- I really like the India-US nonstops. Despite the longer flight, one ends up feeling less tired.

The flight to Columbia was a lot more annoying than the transcontinental hop. Being cramped in the tiny Embraer after the spacious 777. Taking off exactly one hour fifteen minutes after we pushed back from the gate. Fuming at Alltel all the while. [It's all been resolved since then, and I have my mobile service back].

[The long wait did mean that the pilot requested the alternative runway at EWR, 11-29, instead of the clogged 18-36 R&L. Never taken off on that one ... we still had to wait to be spaced into the departure sequence. The windsock had spun almost 180 degrees while we waited, and I think he had 50 to 60 degree crosswind taking off ... The view of the City from 18-36 is a lot better though.]

Oh it's nice to be back ... and to drive where the roads are sane! It's such a pleasure driving in the US, especially just having come back from India ...

It is also really weird being back ... knowing I'm here for a really short while, and mainly weird that I don't have my own place. [The amount of my stuff that's ended up at Matt B's apartment does mitigate that a little bit though :)] I have a feeling -- and I really don't know what this means, that this sense of "home" of needing a home, a center -- is going to play some part in the discernment ahead. Don't ask.

The other thing I'm going to be thinking about is just what form this blog will take after the begining of the next month. I mean I can't just spout my mouth off about everything anymore. So, that's going to be in the prayers as well. Will keep y'all posted.

In the meanwhile, time to catch up on some zzzs ... and I think I'll be seeing some of y'all for some Thai tonight! :)


assiniboine said...

Any sign of a package from Oz?

Gashwin said...

Alas no! I fear it might have befallen a watery fate on the high seas ... :(