Sunday, August 13, 2006

Allen on the Schülerkreis

Sandro Magister covered the Schülerkreis, the annual meeting of Pope Benedict with his former students, in his newsletter recently. Now John Allen brings to light some more details about this year's upcoming meeting in September, focusing on creation and evolution, including profiles of those presenting, and an interview with Fr. Stephan Horn, the informal coordinator of the meeting. The kind of solid stuff one expects from John Allen. Money quote:
Already in 1968, then-Professor Ratzinger wrote on the subject "Schöpfungslaube und Evolutionstheorie" ("Belief in Creation and the Theory of Evolution"), which was republished in 1973 in the book Dogma und Verkündigung. He discussed the consequences for the faith of an evolutionary view of the world. He offered the response that the theory of evolution neither destroys the faith nor confirms it, but rather presents it with a challenge. Later on, he underlined that the theory of evolution sometimes has a tendency to insist on being a full explanation of the totality of existence, which makes both metaphysics and God superfluous. Hence for him what's needed is a calm approach on both sides.

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