Monday, July 24, 2006

Where I've been going to Mass ...

Cathedral of the Holy Rosary, Vadodara.


Don't have pictures of the interior, yet. I must say the exterior is not bad at all for a "modern" church building.

[I will also admit to thinking, rather guiltily, during Mass this past Sunday (yet another day with no hymnals in sight, a barely understandable lector, the same old hymns, a church where almost 70% of the congregation, it seems, turns up after the Gospel, nothing at all about praying for the Middle East) that in three weeks I'll be back in the US. No, I haven't heard back from the priest I talked with last month. I probably should try and go to the parish office mid-week, but it's tough with the routine with the folks. And, now I'm thinking: just two more Sundays. :: Sigh ::] Posted by Picasa

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