Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Teach them a lesson

“Aa loko ne sabak sikhavo padshe.” These people will need to be taught a lesson. A sentiment I hear in a variety of contexts, mainly from Hindus. The “these people” are, of course, Muslims. One common meme: the blasts targeted the First Class compartments which would be full of the trading community – mainly Gujaratis, but also Sindhis and Marwaris. All Hindus. This was in revenge for the 2002 Gujarat pogroms. “Where will you find a Muslim in First Class? They all travel by Second Class!” Apparently, there’s a hidden religious barrier that will eject Muslims from First Class, while the ticketless or the daring can just get on and off without having to worry. [And the folks I came across a few weeks back, were, it seems, not Muslims] [And no Muslims died in the blasts either.] “I’m surprised that the Sena hasn’t done anything. If not taught a lesson, they will be emboldened. There will be more attacks.”

The logic is twisted. I thought the Muslims were taught a lesson in 2002. Shouldn’t they have been cowering and afraid? Then how were they emboldened to carry out last week’s brazen assault? When I point out that it’s probably the terrorists’ goal to incite riots – they don’t care about the innocent, Hindu or Muslim – there is silence. “And, what do you want to do? Slaughter 13 crore people?” Oh dear. I’m talking to a pseudo-secularist, I can almost see the thought bubble. “Well, you know, I know this person. A Khoja (a Muslim sect). A thoroughly nice fellow. A real gentleman. They can be very nice, you know.” Somehow pointing out the niceness of an acquaintance gives one the right to call for his murder.

And is this what this sweet suburban housewife wants? The sabak that she’s talking about is nothing other than murder. Wholesale slaughter. Pure and simple. The kind we’re so familiar with. Men hacked to pieces. Women raped. Children burnt alive. Property destroyed. It will teach them a lesson. They will cower. They will be afraid. They will dare not do anything. We will be safe.

Our safety (the Hindus’ safety, i.e. the only ones who’re really Indian) is guaranteed only by the strong people. The Sena and its fascist demagogue, Thackeray (though everyone is cynical about the Sena led rioting a few days before the blasts, that destroyed 4.3 million rupees worth of public property.) Or that rising star of the BJP, the butcher of Ahmedabad, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, who couldn’t wait to come to Bombay and blame "Mia Musharraf" across the border for the carnage, and watch his stock rise.

“What utter nonsense!” a Catholic friend of mine exclaims. “Who were the ones who took the injured to the hospital after the blast at Bandra? The Muslims of Behrampada. When will we start looking at people as people?” Indeed.

It is no wonder that so many of my friends are secular with this deep mistrust of religion. Religion as ethnic marker, or colorful addition to personality is fine. Go pray and give alms. Do weird things at certain times of the year. But don’t take it too seriously. Because those who do are fanatics. Fundamentalists. Jihadis. For whom giving glory to god is the highest goal, a glory that is stained innocent red.

[Robert Spencer’s Jihadwatch is a fascinating site. I read Spencer’s “Islam Unveiled” with interest. I’m willing to believe that the jihadi worldview is more than supported by core Islamic texts. As I say, I’m far from sanguine about the influence of jihadis in modern Islam. I also follow the stories that report on what particular Muslims or Imams have been talking about, what kind of rhetoric is present in the Muslim world about jihad and the West and so on. Yet, I find it quite ironic that some of the stuff that Spencer, a Catholic, puts on his site, especially when it talks about India, sounds just like the RSS and the Bajrang Dal. As far as I’m concerned, the RSS is as much an enemy of Christianity as it is of Islam. And then there is the commentariat. This one is priceless, from the same post linked above:
Agree with you Lulu...
"The Indian government and people need to push for expulsion of muslims from their lands, and destruction of mosques".

We need a repeat of Gujarat retaliation with exponentially more vehement intensity and rage.

Ultimately chasing them out of the country will not be enough.Total,irrevocable extermination alone is the lasting solution.Leftists ,rent a cause bleeding hearts-human rights conglomerates too can meet with the same fate.
Well, there you have it. I’m not sure how this person thinks he’s different from the jihadis who want to kill all the kafir. Guess it doesn’t matter. Being Muslim is like having Jewish blood in Nazi Germany (another commenter mentions, with clear contempt, the fact that Indira Gandhi was actually Muslim). All the while praising Israel for being tough with the miyas. Kill them all.

And it's not just the comments. One of the writers warns about being too soft with Muslims.
Neither Muslim hearts nor Muslim minds are winnable, not as long as those hearts and minds are truly given to Islam. It is only by showing a command of what Islam is all about, an unwillingness to be fooled at any step, a cool and permanent suspicion and wariness that the personal affability of this or that Muslim will be unable to melt, that Infidels will be able to make the Jihad of Da'wa and demographic conquest begin to falter.
And, so often, I’ve come across this reference to Hindu historians who chronicle Islam’s bloody presence in India. Lal, Goel and so on. Time to google. And to not get too despondent.]

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