Sunday, July 23, 2006

The spirituality of vacationing ...

From one of my favorite preachers (whom I've never actually heard, only read!), Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa (via Zenit):
In the Gospel passage Jesus invites his disciples to separate themselves from the crowd and their work and to go away with him to a "lonely place."

He taught them to do what he did: to balance action and contemplation, to go from contact with people to secret and regenerating dialogue with oneself and with God.

The theme is of great importance and timeliness. The rhythm of life has acquired a speed that surpasses our capacity to adapt.
This need for times of solitude and listening is posed in a special way to those who proclaim the Gospel and to animators of the Christian community, who must stay constantly in contact with the source of the Word that they must transmit to their brothers. The laity should rejoice, not feel neglected, every time that their priest leaves for a time for intellectual and spiritual recharging.
[Can someone pass this on to dear Fr. T? :-)]

Hmm. Nothing in there about blogging while on vacation. Oh dear. Best shut up and run to my breviary ... :)

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