Monday, July 24, 2006

Jeff Kirby in the Charlotte Observer

Diocese of Charleston seminarian Jeff Kirby was interviewed in the Charlotte Observer by their travel editor. It's mainly some simple Q&As about Rome. Here's Jeff's take on food.
Q. OK. So where do you eat?

I like to joke by replying, "I'm assuming you want to eat Italian. ..." Living here for three years, my favorite is a German place near the Spanish Steps. There are only three German restaurants in Rome.

What's good for Italian? Try Pollezze's, near the Chiesa Nuova -- "New Church," built in the 17th century. For Romans, that's still new.

A famous place to eat is Abbruzzi's, near the Dodieci -- which means "twelve," short for the Church of the 12 Apostles. It's especially famous for its green sambuca liqueur. The restaurant is housed in what was the palace of the exiled King James of England (known as the "Old Pretender," 1688-1766).
For churches, other than St. Peter's, he mentions Immaculate Conception on V. Veneto, with the famous "Bone Crypt." I know my answer: S. Clemente!

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