Monday, July 17, 2006

Holy Cr*p! World's largest democracy .... ?

.... apparently there's a directive asking Indian ISPs to block blogspot and typepad addresses. After a weekend without Internet (cousin's broadband was down in Bombay), I come back to tons of email and this? I was wondering why I couldn't access Open Book ... so far, at least from Baroda, blogspot doesn't seem to have been bannned, but typepad is unreachable.

Bloody idiots! Have they read the damn Constitution? Are we wanting so much to be like thought-control frickin' China? AGH!

Oh. It turns out because some terrorists are using blogs. As a comment I read somewhere said (I'm too mad to go back and try and link to it). Terrorists drink water, do we cut off the water supply? Terrorists use cars, so we cut off the gas stations? WHICH LAME-A** BABU IDIOT CAME UP WITH THIS IDEA?

Lord, I hope the MSM in India picks up on this.

And here's a perfect example of the bhag-daud, the run-around, when dealing with the great Government of India.

Mera Bharat frickin' mahan.

Can you tell I'm hopping mad?

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St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

"Somebody must have blocked some sites. What is your problem?"

Sorry. It seems to be the answer of the day. Right up there with "Your call is very important to us..."

What if the terrorists also used cell phones? Land lines? Semaphore flags?

Hope your frustration gets lifted soon, or Babu finds a new administrivial pursuit.