Friday, July 28, 2006

Cardinal Arinze in Charleston ...

Francis Cardinal Arinze was in my home diocese of Charleston (SC, not WV! Which, anyway, is the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston) last week, visiting Bishop Baker on his way to give a keynote at Family Honor's annual conference in Jacksonville, FL. Oh man! How I wish I could have been there! Anyway, the Diocese of Charleston website has a link to a wmv of the Mass that the Cardinal celebrated at the historic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Charleston.

I am rather pleased to see that the Diocese is trying to use the Net more!

Here's a link to the website of the Family Honor conference. The organization was started in Columbia a few years back to promote the Church's teaching on chastity, particularly in the context of families. It's annual summer conference has grown tremendously, both in attendance and its profile. I never managed to attend, because I tended to be traveling in July!


JCurley said...

And I here I am only a couple hours away and didn't even know Cardinal Arinze was coming to town. I could kick myself.

And thanks for the plug above.

Gashwin said...

You're welcome.

And it seems the Diocese didn't really publicize Cardinal Arinze's (probably private) visit ... a couple of people have expressed dismay that they missed it.