Friday, July 07, 2006

A bible for Africa ...

[Also via the folks at CT]. Bible Commentary for Africa tackles HIV. (Reuters) The continent's first commentary written by 70 African theologians. [I wonder if they chose 70 for a reason. Hmmm. The article doesn't mention the church affiliation of the authors, whether Catholic or Protestant or Pentecostal ...]
As well as verse-by-verse explanation of biblical text, the book includes 70 articles on how Christians should respond to thorny issues like HIV/AIDS, tribalism, race, homosexuality, witchcraft and lobola -- or bride money.

Alongside a passage in the book of Genesis which talks about male circumcision, for example, the commentary condemns female genital mutilation -- widely practiced in some parts of Africa -- as a "scourge which dehumanizes women."

The commentary confesses the African church has sinned by stigmatizing those with HIV/AIDS and urges leaders to "break its silence" and help tackle the epidemic that has infected some 26 million Africans.

The commentary is more conservative on homosexuality, which it says is "a sin... abnormal, unnatural and a perversion," reflecting the views of most African Christians.
[Zondervan has put a sample up. .pdf link]

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assiniboine said...

Plenty of thou shalt nots, presumably.

One wonders what Archbishop Tutu might make of all this. Not much, one suspects.