Monday, July 03, 2006

Back in Baroda ...

... on a stormy monsoon day. Bombay has the jitters after the third day of nearly incessant, heavy rain. [Driving around Bandra yesterday, in flooded streets was a pain.] July 26 (last year's freak storm and devastating floods which brought the city to its knees) is still very much on everyone's minds. I left in a cab for the airport early. I must say the brand new domestic terminal is swanky, and felt unreal and unIndian. Clean, efficient, not crowded. Hmmm. Though, after the security check one doesn't have much room to sit. Guess they just want to herd people right onto the buses that ferry one to the aircraft.

I'm one of a perverse breed that enjoys flying in inclement weather. It's bumpy. the ailerons and spoilers wiggle about a lot. The aircraft feels alive. Of course, this was just heavy rain, so not that bad.

The flight left on time, and was short and sweet, with a rather rapid descent [he used air brakes way high up]. Other Jet flights were about 30-50 minutes late. Air Deccan (better, Air Dhakkan -- [box, trash can] lid. Also a derisory term) flights were cancelled. Guess their ATRs aren't as good in the rains as Jet's ... um ... jets. Just how the heck they stay in business beats me.

Baroda was steamy and dry, though a huge storm rolled through in the evening and its still raining.

Oh I love the monsoons!

[And now that I'm back, I'm back to blogging! Yay!]

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