Thursday, July 27, 2006

Aviation: AA 777 emergency landing and Armavia crash report

An American Airlines 777 enroute to London from Los Angeles was diverted to JFK after it lost power in one engine. The plane landed safely. Here's the informative forum discussion on the incident ... and a link to the route of the diverted flight (doncha love the amount of stuff that one can get on the Net? :-D). For twin-engine plane losing one engine isn't immediate disaster, and while rather rare, this incident demonstrates that properly trained crews can handle such a situation.

Oh yeah, I'll be flying a Continental 777 non-stop New Delhi to Newark in a few weeks ... :)

Meanwhile, investigators are pointing to human error in the May Armavia crash in Sochi on the Black Sea. The pilots apparently "lost control" of the plane on its second attempt landing in bad weather.

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