Thursday, June 15, 2006

Watching the Pope ... with some unexpected graces.

... live at the Corpus Christi Mass, via the Vatican TV feed. The Gloria just got over ... not sure I'll be able to stay awake till the Mass ends and the procession starts. ::sigh:: Darn, wish I were Stateside right now!

[Oh I just love that Italian with that strong German lilt! It's soooo ... oh lord, how else to say it ... cute! You know, I absolutely loved John Paul. But I never had this kind of reaction to him! And that first time I saw Benedict -- at an Angelus in Rome -- I was just grinning from ear to ear. No wonder Rocco calls him His Fluffiness! I love Papa Bene! Che viva il Papa! Ok I'll stop.]

[Not that you needed it: previous Pope Benedict gush.]

OMG! They're chanting the Sequence! Lauda Sion salvatorem! It's just a totally awesome poem! [Had I stayed on y'all in the parish would have heard this this coming Sunday ... :-)]

[They're panning the assembled prelates ... all but one had their heads down following the program. One was chanting the Latin looking straight ahead. Ah, at least one had it memorized! :) And no, they didn't do the entire text. It's long]

Hmm --- this will also be the first time that I've heard the Pope give a homily. Live.

Allora ... basta! :)

:: Update :: I tried simultaneously translating his homily. More difficult typing it into English than speaking it ... and then decided I should really just listen. The text will be online soon enough. A few things that struck me:

The bread, this bit of wheat, is the food of the poor. ... the bread isn't simply our product however. It's the fruit of the earth. It is a gift. ... it's not our merit. Only the creator could give this fertility.

[This reminded me of Amy's recent beautiful reflection on life as gift.]

In adoration --- in looking at Him, we are transformed. He transforms us. [I def. need to get to adoration here!]

He quoted the Didache, that famous image of bread sown in different valleys coming together in one. The Eucharist uniting us.

And the concluding prayer, said with such deep sincerity.
Look on suffering humanity ... look upon the psychological and physical hunger that torments us. ... Give them work. Give them light. ... Makes us understand that it is only be means of the Passion, by the Yes to Crucifixion, by this purifcation imposed on our lives ... [that we can find life]. ... Give us your salvation. Amen.
"By this purification imposed on our lives ... " Sitting here in the dark, in India. Far from friends and the place that I call home. This is such a difficult visit, with my father's cancer. And he's doing so well so far! And I cannot even imagine what he's going through. What my mother is. It's like I need some sign, daily. Gosh, we're so weak! We need so much help!

Daci la tua salvezza. Give us your salvation!

[Ok. I guess this is called liveblogging! Anyway, the Pange Lingua has started. With the host on the altar I have a strong urge to kneel ...! It's nearly midnight, and now I'm going to stay awake for as much as I can ... ]

And now they're singing the Tantum Ergo. Not the traditional chant -- a different melody. All kneeling before the Sacrament in the Piazza in front of S. Maria Maggiore. A prayer in Latin ... and ... Benediction.

Now the Divine Praises. And now the Salve Regina ... which the Pope is singing too.

The crowd up V. Merulana is huge!

There was this moment a little while back when the camera was behind the truck carrying the Host and the Pope, heading down the V. Merulana I think to S. Maria Maggiore (I think!). It was a beautiful image of the Church. Christ at the head. Peter, in his ministry of sustaining the brothers. And this throng following the Bread of Life on the journey.

[That's it! I'm off to bed. Buona notte tutti ... ]


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Sweet dreams....

Gashwin writes:

OMG! They're chanting the Sequence! Lauda Sion salvatorem! It's just a totally awesome poem! [Had I stayed on y'all in the parish would have heard this this coming Sunday ... :-)]

I'm not quite up to Lauda Sion yet--maybe next year--but two of us are planning to do "Adoro Te Devote" as the entrance song Sunday. It fits the (moved to Sunday) celebration of Corpus Christi.

Current plan is to do the 1st verse twice,--once in Latin by us and anyone else who wants to join in, and then in English, so that everyone has a chance to begin Mass expressing their love for and wonder at the "Godhead here in hiding."

Also loved the life as a gift part of that posting on OpenBook. We are the receiver of life, not the giver. Our response is gratitude and wonder.


Gashwin said...

Oh -- the Adoro Te will suffice. I'm sure the Angelic Doctor will approve too. :)

Now what about the 11? :)

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Can't say about 11 AM Mass. These things get planned separately, and the main planner opts otnot use email.

You could ask a real estate professional you know what might be planned..