Friday, June 16, 2006

Swami visits Columbia

Swami visits Columbia (Columbia Star) Imparts wisdom from the East.
Upon meeting the Swami, one is immediately struck by the rich orange glow radiating from his robe. There is a kindness flowing from his deep brown eyes that seems to penetrate the soul. The experience is a lasting and unexpected one that lingers long after he's gone.

During a private consultation, Swami Parmanand was asked how to decipher truth from illusion. He replied, "We need money. That is a necessity. A house and clothing are necessities as well. But if a person believes he will be happy because of these things, this is an illusion."

He continued his discourse by saying, "When one uses material goods to define happiness, he will try to increase possessions and as a result will become more and more bound by them."
A recent Busted Halo Podcast had some rules of etiquette for Catholics attending non-Catholic weddings in the summer. They should have added something about Catholics attending non-Christian weddings as well. The world is in the US, more and more. {And, overall, IMO, a good thing too! :)).

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