Tuesday, June 13, 2006

St. Anthony of Padua

Preacher, evangelist and doctor of the Church. As I mentioned he has a pretty decent following in India. I'm going to try and dig up the little piece I did on a visit to a roadside shrine of St. Anthony in Pune from a few years back.

Here, I went to daily Mass at the parish. Of course a thinner crowd than Sunday, but still a decent turnout, clustering in clumps around the church underneath the fans. The only twist: after the homily, the priest blessed (and then sprinkled with holy water) several plastic bags of bread that had been offered by parishioners. St. Anthony, among other things, is the patron of bakers. The bread, I gathered, will be given to the poor.

[Oh ya, the concluding hymn -- all of which had been lead by a gentleman in the rear of the church who had a rather stentorian baritone -- was in Konkani.]

Mass concluded with the Angelus (you know I'm loving all these traditional devotions and prayers). After which, I pretty much ran outside, and then back around to the entrance by the sacristy, and introduced myself to the priest. He seemed in a hurry, but took my contact information and said he'd be in touch about getting involved and lectoring and the like. In my haste, I forgot to ask about confession and bible studies. Oh well.

Turns out the Diocese does have a webpage ... and the Bishop lists an email address. I think I'll drop him a line too ... :)

Here's a nice write up on St. Anthony (via Happy Catholic).

Konkani Catholics have a summary of the remarks of the Bishop of Mangalore on St. Anthony, from the Mass at the Shrine of St. Anthony in Kerekatte. Interesting story about this shrine too!

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