Sunday, June 25, 2006

Spotted outside St. Peter's Bandra

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assiniboine said...

Cute. A Muslim friend challenged me to look a woman in hijab on the street in the eye and say hello. (I am quite sure he wouldn't dare!)

And, walking in downtown Brisbane I espied a couple of women wearing the sort of ostentatiously pious dress that causes in my Jewish and Christian and irreligious women friends spontaneous combustion.

And I thought, "Hmmm...these days, can it be wise?" Particularly given the sarcastic comments of just about every woman I know when she sets eyes on some show-off Malay girl: "Ah, there is one of those modest Muslim girls, being modestly inconspicuous, in a way that says, LOOK AT ME!!!!!!"

Well of course they turned out to be Filipina nuns of the order of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and did I feel silly. I wonder what my female friends think when this happens.